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The following documents have been gathered from the web, and could be of use, please read. We acknowledge the original authors and have left all references to them in the documents. Many thanks to all of them for taking the time to place this information in the public forum.

 A - Z of Archery
 Pathways Guide
 Walk Back Tuning Setup
 Recurve Tuning

 Setting up a Recurve Bow
 Recurve Technique
 Arrow Spines

Easton Tuning Guide

 AA Compound Bow
 Compound Bow Setup &Tuning
 Drawing Anchor Release
 Archery is Not Difficult
 AA Shooting Rules
Archery Manufactures Standards

Other Useful info

 Constitution & Shooting Rules May 14
 Information on Awards Available
 Archery Victoria - Guidance Notes

Field Shoots Unmarked.

Apparently you are not allowed to take information re target sizes and corresponding ranges on an unmarked course. You are allowed to take all or "part" of the rule book with you. The following link is to a useful part of the rule book, and is legal as long as it remains in this form. You may reduce its size and even laminate it.

Field Target Info