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We run Ozbow Introduction to Archery courses over a four-week period with four weeks break between courses. The first day of each course is also a Come & Try day. If you wish to participate in either the Come & Try day or the full course you must book on-line, and pay the relevant fee prior to commencement.   The full course cost is $90.  If you wish to just try out archery, book in for the Come & Try at a cost of $25.  If you find it to your liking, you will be able to book the remaining 3 weeks prior to the commencement of the second day of the OzBow course for $67 by clicking on the relevant Registration Update link. The club supplies all of the equipment that you will need to complete the course. Please see the links at the bottom of this page to book your place on the course of your choice.

We require all participants and visitors to sign in upon arrival using the club QR Code. This is a requirement to ensure we meet our obligations to Archery Australia for insurance purposes.

Our course starts about 10.00 am on Saturday but we do like participants to arrive by 9.30 am at the latest in order to set them up with the appropriate equipment so we can commence shooting no later than 10.00 am. The course runs for 90 minutes.

At the competition of your 4 weeks, you will be a competent, safe archer and be ready to take your place on the shooting line together with our more senior Archers.  You will also have a better idea of the various styles of shooting, Recurve, Compound, Longbow, and all styles of barebow.

We find that most people who continue on with our sport, purchase their own equipment and join up as a full member of our club and enjoy the benefits as such. If you do decide that you want to continue on, and purchase your own equipment, please chat to one of our instructors or Coaches for advice on what is most suitable for your own personal requirements and chosen type of bow prior to purchasing.

Our tuition is carried out by two accredited “Archery Australia Coaches/Instructors”.  The club has two “Archery Australia Instructors" and two "Archery Australia Club Coaches” so you are assured of receiving exceptional tuition.

Also, please bear in mind that if you decide to go down the path of the OzBow course and joining our club, your training does not end after the 4 weeks have elapsed.   Once you move up the line to participate with our more experienced archers our club Instructors and Coaches are always close at hand to give advice and help you to get the best out of our sport. You will also be able to do the Oz Bow certification at no charge. This gives you purpose and direction as you start out and helps you find your feet.

We hope you enjoy the experience and look forward to seeing you on the shooting line.

To find out more about our membership fees just go on-line and check out the Archery Victoria web-site and follow the links for “New Members Join”, entering Archery Victoria as the state and Wangaratta Archers as the club, then click Join.  Once you have checked the fees, just exit the page.

Please note, we do not like members using hunting arrow broadheads or field points on our targets. We are a target archery club only. Crossbows are welcome, but you must follow all legal requirements. In order to legally purchase a crossbow, you will need to be a participating member of an accredited archery club for 6 months.  It is the responsibility of the crossbow shooter to abide by the requirements of Victorian Law.

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