Come and Try / OzBow Program

Are you interested in archery?  We hold a come and try session every eight weeks in conjunction with our OzBow course.  If you find that you have enjoyed your experience, and are interested in becoming a member, we recommend that you complete the OzBow Program first, and try out some of the different bow types.

In all cases we recommend you do not purchase any equipment until you have completed the OzBow Archery Instruction Program, and have chosen the bow type you wish to shoot. You should also have an instructor advise you on the correct equipment to suit the style of archery you intend to take up.

OzBow Archery Instruction Program

The OzBow Archery Instruction Program is designed to teach you the technical aspects of archery over 4 weekly (90-minute sessions minimum) period. These lessons are on consecutive weeks.

The OzBow Archery Instruction Program is usually taught before you become a club member so that you can get a clear idea of what the sport has to offer without any outlay on equipment.

All equipment is supplied, and contact with the club prior to starting the course is essential.  The cost for the Come and Try is $25, if you then elect to continue with the OzBow Course there will be an additional cost of $65. If you would like to register for either the Come N Try, or the Ozbow Course please select from the links below.

All archers under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

Ozbow 20 May 23

Ozbow 15 Jul 23

Ozbow 09 Sep 23

Ozbow 04 Nov 23

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If you are interested in learning archery, then please feel free to download the OzBow Archery Instruction Program Booklet. It will give you an overview of what you are going to learn.